Alpocalypse now available streaming for your listening pleasure...

What's that? You can't wait an entire week to listen to the new album (well, the rest of it... I know you got the Internet Leaks)? You wish you could, I dunno, listen to it streaming from the interwebs right now?!

Well, guess what close personal friend of Al? Today is your lucky day! Click here to hear Alpocalypse in its entirety FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE!

You're welcome.

Oh, and the lyrics can be found on the album's wiki page here.
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Full tracklist for Alpocalypse has been released!


  1. Perform This Way                                      
  2. CNR                                                            
  3. TMZ                                                
  4. Skipper Dan                                               
  5. Polka Face                                     
  6. Craigslist                                        
  7. Party In The CIA                                         
  8. Ringtone                                                    
  9. Another Tattoo                               
  10. If That Isn’t Love                                        
  11. Whatever You Like                         
  12. Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me 


  1. CNR                                                            
  2. TMZ                                    
  3. Skipper Dan                                   
  4. Craigslist                                        
  5. Party In The CIA                             
  6. Ringtone                                        
  7. Another Tattoo                               
  8. If That Isn’t Love                            
  9. Whatever You Like            
  10. Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me 

Click here to pre-order and get Perform This Way free
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